I am excited to announce that due to the popularity of 48chan, and its overall success. We are expanding!

Thats right, we are launching a sister company called 48chan.tv (dubbed 48TV). While 48chan has and will always be sticking to memes gifs and that sort of stuff, 48chan.tv will cover all the other media that 48chan has been missing, in hopes of bringing you the best of everything you have been missing. This does not mean anything for 48chan as nothing will be happening to it. However you can be looking for 48TV some where around early 2017.

I am still in the early stages of making this website and I can not show you anything right now, I will be bringing you the basic updates on 48TV here (48chan) but if you would like a little extra, visit my Twitter @_meheer Like I said before I expect to have the first version up by early 2017, until then you can still look forward to more great content on 48chan

I hope you all like this idea as much as I do any, I hope this brings 48chan and 48TV joy to you.



48chantvfinal.png48chanTV.png48chantv copy.png