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48chan was started in April of 2016 as a blog alternative to the other imageboard options out there, this is it’s story…


In the beginning there was 4chan, now you can go ahead and look up all the history on 4chan but this is not to talk about that, this is to address the inflow of other imageboards that came after. And of course my stupid opinion on them.

So the first “spin off” imageboard I can think of is 7chan. 7chan was created ¬†after 4chan’s infamous /b/-day. After moot said¬†Participating in a thread dealing with illegal content will get you globally banned for two weeks (thread starter is indefinitely banned). This means merely replying to it removes you from this site for a minimum of two weeks. This includes JB and any other ‚Äúgray area‚ÄĚ threads. Posting any piece of personal information or inciting/participating in an invasion of any sort will also get you, and anybody who replied to the thread globally banned. You have the option to either report or ignore (not reply to) threads that break the rules. Thanks!¬†courtesy of Know Your Meme. A lot of users left 4chan to 7chan to avoid rules and keep the “true chan values” after the instantaneous success of 7chan every body else was like hey, if two dudes can make a spin ¬†of of 4chan, so can I. And thats when the cancer started.

After this incident so many different imageboards started popping up out of no where, all the exact same and maybe with like one difference but it was starting to get really¬†obnoxious. Like legit, pick a random one digit number, 100% chance theres a chan. Now pick a two digit number, there is a 65% chance that there is a chan for that too, like I can’t even make this stuff up. Lemme try…

*smashes numbers*

*gets 78*

Alright so I looked up 78chan and I am not even joking Encyclopedia Dramatica tells be that… “78chan¬†has transformed from a failed attempt at this *chan stuff to the new hideout for all the refugees from the death of 7chan, when the¬†…” See what I mean this is getting way too out of hand. Just stick to a couple of chans, and it’s not like people are using these imageboards, because most of the knockoffs are practically dead or gone, I mean see how long websites like 888chan, 711chan, or 78chan have lasted, and even 7chan is on the bridge of dying. Yes, I know addressing this issue will do absolutely nothing ¬†but is just my reasoning as to why I chose to make a blog.


I wouldn’t call myself good at website design but I would defiantly say I have lots of experience.

At first, I started out making small websites as almost “experiments” then I started making websites for other people, my most popular being for a vegan group.

Next, when 8chan came out I had made the mini-helper: 8ch guide and I had gotten Hotwheels (the admin) to follow/notice me. I ended up deleting 8ch guide at it’s peak of interest because the site was becoming very popular and it was not really needing a guide anymore, it was a very sad decision (to delete 8ch Guide)¬†because I had worked so hard on 8ch guide, but I knew it was (probably) for the best.

I had then worked on another website after that (which is also now deleted) called 3chanblog which was basically what 48chan is except a lot more cringe worthy.

And yes, now 48chan and the future…

ABOUT ME (If You Really Care) 

Uh, last time I checked I lived in New York and am going to a pretty good school.