FAQ and Rules

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What are memes?

    They are similar to fads, but more like internet phenomena. In order to understand them, you will need to figure out over time. They are a key part of the internet’s core culture; please take the time to understand them. Demonstrating a lack of knowledge in the culture will often be met with hostility, and not just on 48chan. If you would like to¬†further understand memes, read this wikipedia article:¬† ¬†https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_meme

  2. How do I become part of the staff?

    Unfortunately I am not accepting applications at this moment in time. I will decide when a person is fit to become part of the staff. If you really feel that you will fit this position, you can always DM me on Twitter, @_meheer

  3. I’m banned, what should I do?

    You should first find out why you were banned. If you truly deserved it, you should wait for it to expire (note that some bans are permanent). If you believe that the ban is for someone else, or it was an unfair amount of time, please contact me or 48chan.

  4. I can’t view 48chan, is there something wrong?

    It’s possible that the server is down for maintenance. If you are on a mobile phone and the site isn’t working, you can try switching the URL from 48chan.org to 48chan.wordpress.com, this is a known issue and I am terribly sorry for this.

  5. I have a complaint about a post, what should I do?

    You have many options, you can check the Find us elsewhere page and then go from there, your best bets are to DM me on Twitter or Instagram. If nothing else works, you can just comment on the original post.

  6. I have a question, but it’s not listed here, what do I do?

    Please speak with me personally and i’ll probably add it to the FAQ for future users.